Past events

1/ The second event organised jointly with the ClusterDesign project, "Tuning Offshore Wind Performance", took place on 24 September 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  

The workshop explained how:

  • the new software assists in designing and operating clusters of offshore wind farms;
  • to take into account wake and electrical losses in the design phase;
  • to combine fatigue load monitoring and intelligent control during operation. 

The workshop was targeted to wind farm developers, designers and operators. Wind resource analysts, strategic planners and utilities have been updated about the latest trends and developments in wind farm design and operation.

  1. Agenda
  2. Introduction, Peter Hauge Madsen, Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU Wind Energy
  3. Verification of wind farm wake, Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU Wind Energy
  4. EERA-DTOC Software, Gregor Giebel, DTU Wind Energy  - Igor Waldl, Felix Dierich, Overspeed, Oldenburg - Peter Stuart, RES, London, UK 
  5. New Grid System Method, Olimpo Anaya-Lara, University of Strathclyde - Mariano Faiella, Fraunhofer IWES

2/ A second EERA-DTOC dissemination event took place in Frankfurt on 19 November 2013. The consortium provided participants with the latest intermediary findings, explained the main steps during the development stages, and revealed how the tool will be tested.

  1. Agenda
  2. Welcome and Introduction, Peter Hauge Madsen /Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU Wind Energy
  3. Project achievements: wake modeling: Energy yield prediction of wind farm clusters, Alfredo Peña Díaz, DTU Wind Energy
  4. Project achievements: grid interconnection optimisation and power plant system services, Luis Mariano Faiella, IWES Fraunhofer
  5. Project achievements: resources and energy yield, Elena Cantero Nouqueret, CENER
  6. From integration to development of the EERA-DTOC tool: main steps and challenges, Gregor Giebel, DTU Wind Energy
  7. Validate and demonstrate the design tool:  scenarios and demos, Gerard Schepers, ECN

3/ A first EERA-DTOC workshop in cooperation with the Cluster Design project took place  in London on 06 June 2013. The event featured presentations on the two projects main findings on how the design tool for future offshore wind farms will look like.

For more details on each of the presentations, please see below and/or either contact us.

  1. Workshop proceedings
  2. Agenda
  3. Design Tool for Offshore Clusters: objectives of the project, Peter Hauge Madsen, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
  4. Cluster design: objectives of the project, Rory Donnelly, 3E, Belgium
  5. Integration and development of offshore cluster software, Gregor Giebel, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
  6. Scenarios, conceptual model coupling, Gerard Schepers, ECN, The Netherlands
  7. Wake modeling, Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
  8. Interconnection optimization and power plant - scenarios, Luis Mariano Faiella, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany
  9. Energy yield prediction of wind farm clusters, Elena Cantero Nouqueret, CENER, Spain
  10. Load calculation in wind farm clusters, Dirk Steudel, REpower, Germany
  11. Cluster control modeling and testing, Aidan Marchand, RWE Innogy, Germany
  12. Development of the Cluster Design Toolbox, Thanos Kyriazis, 3E, Belgium

4/ The first EERA-DTOC dissemination event was organized during EWEA 2012 annual event in Copenhagen, Denmark.The concept of this project is to combine this expertise in a common integrated software tool for the optimized design of offshore wind farms and wind farm clusters acting as wind power plants.The event provided all the participants an introduction to this new and challenging project, and included discussions of usage scenarios and collaboration possibilities. The last talk introduced the sister project, 'ClusterDesign', which is oriented towards the operation of clusters.The workshop presentations are available below (click on the link to open them).

  1. Agenda
  2. Welcome, Peter Hauge Madsen, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark, Project Coordinator
  3. Project overview, Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
  4. Wake modelling: state of the art and challenges ahead, Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark (WP 1)
  5. Optimising interconnectors and power plant systems, Luis Mariano Faiella, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany (WP 2)
  6. Energy yield estimation for offshore wind farms clusters, Daniel Cabezón, CENER, Spain (WP 3)
  7. Evaluation and Measurements, Gerard Schepers, ECN, The Netherlands (WP 5)
  8. ClusterDesign – A Toolbox for Offshore Wind Farms, Rory Donnelly, 3E, Belgium
  9. 2013, International Conference on Aerodynamics of offshore wind energy systems and wakes, 17-19 June 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  10. The Science of Making Torque from Wind, 4th Scientific Conference of the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) , Oldenburg, Germany, 09 – 11 October 2012

The presentation is available here

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