Energy yield prediction of wind farm clusters (Part 3 – WP 3)

The objective is to provide an accurate value of the expected net energy yield from clusters of wind farms as well as the uncertainty ranges of the expected value by integrating the results from WP1 and WP2.

The R&D activities are divided into several tasks:

WP3.1 - Net energy yield of wind farm clusters

  • Unavailability estimates for offshore wind farm clusters - The objective of this task will be to estimate the expected energy loss due to wind farm unavailability depending on topology and location of the clusters of wind farm.
  • Losses due to deviations between onsite and manufacturer offshore power curve - The main goal here is to estimate an expected value of energy loss due to power curve deviations depending on the topology and location of the clusters of wind farms.
  • Combination of numerical results and wind data for net energy yield estimation - Once the different losses have been quantified, all the available information will be combined such that an expected value of net energy yield will be obtained for each wind farm as well as for the cluster of wind farms.

WP3.2 - Uncertainty analysis of net energy yield

  • Identification of long term uncertainty components for the net energy yield estimation - The aim is to identify the main uncertainty components on the estimated net energy yield and generate an uncertainty range in the short and long term around the expected value for each wind farm and for the whole cluster of wind farms. This result will provide confidence and will ease the process of take decisions about particular layouts of wind farms inside a cluster. Before assessing uncertainty, a specific quality control procedure will be performed, in which the entire database will be thoroughly checked through a list of sequential quality control tests. The aim is to label the data as good, suspicious or bad so the tests can be divided into a set of global and local checks. Regarding uncertainty on numerical data, different sources of uncertainty can affect the estimation of a climatological variable and it can be increased during the downscaling step. This calls for a quantification and understanding of the uncertainty that stems from the application of any given downscaling technique.
  • Prepare for interface protocol - Different methods will be prepared for codification stating clearly the inputs and outputs to be combined. The process of input/output is necessary for the conduct of WP3, but the same time will allow a preliminary result for integration of design tool.


Outcome of the work will be a report on procedure for the estimation of the expected net energy yield.


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