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EERA JP Wind – The future of wind farm design

When: Wednesday 18 November, 10:30 – 13:00
Where: EWEA Annual Event in Paris

This workshop sets out to present the audience with concrete, ready-to-apply results of the EERA-DTOC project and first results and goals of the EERA-IRPWind programme.

The DTOC (Design Tool for Offshore wind farm Cluster) project has resulted in a spin-off software called Wind & Economy that optimises wind farm design for cost of energy, taking into account the wind climate of clustering wind farms, wake information and grid design considerations. This session will show you how to use this tool for your wind farm planning.

The IRPWind (Integrated Research Programme Wind) aims to reduce the time to market of research and development efforts through efficient cooperation. The key topic is integration. In 3 sessions, we present and discuss open data sharing in wind energy, how forecasting will change the future energy market, and how the research community can help kick-start your R&D initiatives, both financially and content-wise.

EERA DTOC and IRPWIND are part of the research activity of the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme Wind (EERA JP Wind) that promotes cooperation in wind research between 41 European research institutes.

The agenda is available HERE.

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Final Conference - Launch of 'Wind & Economy'

The final event of EERA-DTOC took place at EWEA Offshore 2015, at the Bella Center in Copenhagen on Tuesday 10 March 2015, the first day of the fair. The event lasted from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. You can read the agenda of the meeting and look at the presentations.  

For more information on the event or on the project activities, do not hesitate to contact EWEA at [email protected] or the Scientific Coordinator, DTU, at [email protected].