What is EERA - DTOC ?

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) together with some high-impact industry partners proposes an integrated and validated design tool combining the state-of-the-art wake, yield and electrical models currently available within the existing consortium, as a plug-in architecture with possibility for third party models.

Why this project?

With the large amount of offshore wind farms to be built in the next years, clusters of wind farms will appear at favourable locations, like in the German Bight and Dogger Bank. Large arrays of floating wind farms planned near long-distance grid cables independent of water depth will also start to appear in the next years. The planning and design of these clusters pose new challenges with regards to the siting of the connected wind farms, the design of the interconnecting grid structure and the integration of the large amount of power into the electricity supply systems.

How does it work?

The EERA-DTOC (Design Tools for Offshore Wind Farm Cluster) project is conceived alongside several main topics and phases structured into so-called work packages (WP):

  • Wake modelling (WP 1),
  • Interconnection optimization and power plant systems (WP 2),
  • Energy yield prediction of wind farm clusters (WP 3),
  • Integration and development of software (WP4 ),
  • Experiments. Validation of the designed tool (WP 5),
  • Dissemination and exploitation activities (WP 6)

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